Live 2021

About the show

Hey, Ant here. I made this page to show you a bit of what I’m about (proper Bio and photos below). I start all shows with a song I’ve made up about the venue/festival. We play my funky love songs with a lot of improvisation including suggestions for some improvised songs from the crowd.

I’ve been experimenting with my sound a lot in my studio, Sundream Studios. I’ve released a bit of a mixture but after meeting with NZ On Air, I’m focusing my sound and planning an EP or Album and a tour before the summer. Funky pop with a bit of a rocknroll attitude; think Daft Punk, The Killers, John Mayor & Flight of the Conchords. I’ve included a few demos below (please note, these are just demos being finalised with more experienced producers).


The set consists of cool guitar and vocal effects, loops and funky beats. Stu (bass) and Jordan (drums) will have mics to sing harmonies and bring more energy. Ed (keys/synth) plays when he can.


Hope you can dig it.



Candle Lights
(latest release)




 After countless journeys throughout the world, Ant is back in New Zealand doing what he loves; producing, singing and writing songs. After playing a few festivals last NZ summer and after producing for Ammar Music in the USA, he's just opened up a new studio in Kare Kare (Sundream Studios) where he's producing for other artists as well as himself. He's been mentored by hit song writers and producers in the States and has had his songs signed by companies including Seven Seas Music, What Up Pitches and Ammar Music Group.
He rediscovered his love for making the crowd move in the last four years in the electronic dance scenes of Colombia and Panama. Now playing with a band, the show will be full of funky songs, inventing songs on the spot and lots of chat on the mic.
Now working with some pros in the studio, he's working on a an EP or Album to release just in time for the summer.