After being mentored by hit song writers and producers in the States, Ant is back in New Zealand, producing funky pop songs, playing live dance sets and getting his songs ready to release in 2020.


 After countless journeys throughout the world, Ant is back in New Zealand doing what he loves; producing, singing and writing songs. He discovered his love for making the crowd move in the last four years in the electronic dance scenes of Colombia and Panama. His multi-instrumental background produces live sets (often with his mate as DJ) while playing guitar, synths and singing over the top. Original tunes blending funk, house and pop together. He's just landed a few festivals for the summer circuit in NZ, has just left his producing position for Ammar Music Group (based in the USA) and now is focusing on his own songs. He's currently being mentored by hit song writers and producers in the States, has had songs signed by publishing companies and music libraries and produces for independent artists. He's blending his musical knowledge and world experiences together after patiently waiting to release his own songs in 2020.


Don't Touch Me - Ant Tarrant

Funky Set with DJ

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