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"Emergency" Live at BIGFAN 18AUG23

Live Show Reel 22/23


Having played original shows in 15 countries, (including multiple festivals & separate tours of Europe & New Zealand), producing over 100 tracks from his very own Sundream Studios & landing multiple international sync placements, Ant is a true explorer at heart. His personality & music is an eclectic cocktail of mainstream pop songs, a funk jam, a dodgy Berlin nightclub & a slightly comedic motivational speaker. Currently based in Auckland, NZ with a funky band show, a DJ/Live show & an acoustic (guitar &/or piano) show to choose from, he goes deep, dancey & has fun whatever the situation. To add something truly unique, he sometimes plays sax & at every show he improvises singing songs from random song title suggestions. After winning a national competition with Skinny Mobile in June 2023, he has 13 singles, 12 official music videos & a live album under his belt. He has singles coming out each month plus his debut album (with loads of collaborations) to release in November 2023. After recently playing original shows at the world famous Paradiso in Amsterdam, Sofar Sounds in Panama & Breaking Sound in London, Ant never has a dull moment.


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