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"It Don't Matter To Me" 

Live at Sundream Studios 2022

"You Can Be A Little Sexy" 

Live at Spirit Festival 2022


Guy Like Me

Music Video


After vagabonding around Latin America for four years, Ant is now back in NZ playing & producing his funky, holiday vibe, cheeky pop tunes. Producing his own songs as well as for other artists out of his very own Sundream Studios, he's played & hosted a number sold out events spreading positive vibes to all. With a 10 song collaboration album featuring all NZ artists on the way, 6 singles & a live album under his belt, he's taking his show on an independently booked European tour in 2022 before writing & producing with his music fam in the USA.

He starts every single show off with either an improvised song or a song about the show, literally... He makes it up & engages with the crowd straight away. He fully improvises a few songs in every show from crowd suggestions but he mostly plays his most energetic & often ridiculous dance tunes & throws in the odd tear jerker all while being hilariously charming. Sometimes you feel like you're at a comedy show, but then you realise you're dancing your tush off and about to have your heart strings pulled out before going up into space then falling right back down to earth. He always makes the audience feel like they're a part of the act. He's a whizz at Ableton & has figured out his own loop show where he can pretty much produce a song in real time. He often plays with his bud EdBird and he's now playing the saxophone live as well as the keyboard and the guitar.

Ant films and edits a lot of his own music videos including the raunchy dancing animals video Don't Touch Me, and the outrageous crossdressing hit Guy Like Me (with EdBird). He's has had a few TV & Film placements and continues to add more titles to his list. He's written around 50 songs in 2022 alone and has too many to release under his own name which will in turn result in another 'producer' artist profile. 

He won't be tied down to one genre or way of thinking and he describes himself as a mix between Maroon 5, Flight of the Conchords, a dodgy Berlin night club and a travelling motivational speaker who doesn't his own limits.


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